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Technovation strongly believes that training and updating are two indispensable processes for success in the competitive environment that we are experiencing today. In this regard, Technovation provides its personnel training services using qualified personnel.

The main courses that our agency provides are related to the following topics:

  • Phyton
  • SAS
  • R language
  • Programming
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development

The diffusion of technical-specialist knowledge is offered both in the cultural and tourist and organizational-managerial fields. Technovation is very active in the planning of training and research activities to support design, the plastic and creative arts, territorial marketing, the organization of events, communication and promotion. In addition, our company organizes training and research activities to introduce skills in the local tourism system for social and semantic web actions, sentiment analysis, information extraction, content virtualisation and online services management (even on demand).

In a process of globalization that advances without restraints, today’s businesses must be able to maintain economic relations with subjects operating in the same sector, but with completely different cultural backgrounds. A problem that should not be underestimated, for which Cross Cultural Management could offer ideas that are not insignificant.

As a matter of fact, placing the synergy and consequent creation of value within national and international working contexts as main objectives, represents an area of research that finds in the Cultural distance the unknown factor to be answered, in order to create the right ones. interactions between people belonging to different cultures.

A Cross Cultural Management training course, therefore, will offer the interested person the necessary skills regarding three pivotal points:

  • Definition of “Culture” and historical evolution of the concept of Cross Cultural Management
  • Influence of relationships in the negotiation process
  • Degree of skills that defines the different managerial figuresli

For what regards the first point, you will be able to understand why the need for such a study, but above all you will be aware of the evolutionary path of this area, which sees the transition from an embryonic immobility to a dynamic phase today.


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