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research and innovation


Technovation encourages technology transfer by acting as an intermediary figure between companies and the research world with the aim of facilitating dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and skills. The applied research carried out by our company is mainly aimed at:

  • The identification of digitization policies of the customer’s offer in order to establish a web-based platform for all tourism products and services, including ancillary services

  • To the development of technological architectures, or complex systems capable of collecting, interpreting and managing data
  • The identification of data and services interoperability standards that allow the interchange and communication between diversified systems and solutions, in order to offer tourists integrated services
  • In order to analyze the competitive digital scenario of certain tourist destinations
  • In order to analyze migratory flows, policies of cultural integration and social inclusion
  • Identifying the specific needs of the main strategic sectors and growing niches, for the definition of the new digital services to be implemented, whether they support back office or front office activities
  • The definition of an effective strategic management process of the territory, that is the set of activities necessary to create a shared vision through the overcoming of the internal competitive logic and the encouragement, starting from the wealth of available resources and competences, of agreements between actors (public and private)
  • The elaboration and communication of cultural contents and creativity applied to design, even if not related to the ICT sphere

Technovation is always ready to listen to innovative customer ideas and helps them to put them into practice by exploiting the opportunities that the market offers.
Technovation, in order to generate value, also aims at a business model that can exploit and enhance the best innovations that the market offers outside with the aim of transferring them within the business models of the client companies. The creation of value thus passes from being the result of the internal transformation of input into output, in the best synthesis between internal and external resources. Closed innovation offers benefits when the internal network is very extensive, i.e. able to have all the resources to be able to continuously develop new products or services. However, if this is lost, it becomes more profitable for the company to implement a network that includes external agents such as universities, start-ups, public and private institutions, external suppliers, creating a mobile flow of information and winning exchange in the current economic context.


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