Implementation of IT tools

Implementation of IT tools 2018-04-18T12:20:12+00:00
Implementation of IT tools


Technovation designs and implements technological architectures capable of collecting data and exhibiting services of tourism relevance and social, with open formats and interoperability, in order to create an ecosystem that allows:

  • enhancing the contributions of all the players in the tourism sector (both public and private);
  • web and mobile applications for cultural integration and social inclusion;
  • enabling the integration between different applications.

In particular, Technovation is very active in the creation of marketing infrastructures. They are complex systems that allow to collect, aggregate, promote and commercialize all the digital product already present on the market, in the various innovative forms of fruition and purchase of the product, both receptive and extra-receptive, enabling virtuous purchasing processes through systems such as dynamic packaging and recommendation system.

To this, we also add the design, construction and maintenance of digital platforms, hardware and software products. Technovation offers these technologies by accompanying them to new ways of fruition and new narrative, communication and promotion formats, which can also be extended to specific categories of demand.

Moreover, Technovation deals with the design, implementation and maintenance of devices and applications to support and support specific target demand and use.


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