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Design of interactive systems that can be used by users for whom they have been designed and implemented. The fundamental purpose of this study is to facilitate the interaction of a human being with machines and the use of complex services and systems in a satisfactory way.

“Industrial Design is a strategic problem solving process that drives innovation, creates business success and leads to a better quality of life through innovative products, systems, services and experiences” (Gwangju, 2015).
Technovation is strongly interested in the use of applied arts in order to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and / or usability of a product. Our company implements processes aimed at improving the marketability of products, especially in the agrifood sector.

It is the food production industry through agriculture. The promotion of agri-food has positive impacts on the agricultural populations, on the consumers, on the rural territory. It is for this reason that it remains one of the themes that is most dear to Technovation. In this historical period agriculture is experiencing a new spring thanks to technology and digital. A sector that by definition is traditional and which lives thanks to structured mechanics and time-tested, is today a great ally for growth in startups. Innovative systems for tracing crops and ensuring food quality, alternative methods for more sustainable production are just a few examples of how innovation enters the agricultural sector in a tight leg and revolutionises its boundaries.

The current multicultural and multiethnic context has created for each the need to learn how to relate with mentality, communication methods and languages different from their cultural context of origin and reference. For the growth and peaceful coexistence between the different cultures of contemporary society the promotion of interculture, of meeting and dialogue between different identities and communities and the creation of support and integration networks for migrants are fundamental.

Tehnovation operates in the field of intercultural education to promote a better and effective inclusion of migrant children in schools and in the social context of reference and to facilitate interaction between different cultures and generations through new technologies. In particular, Technovation realizes in the schools of Campania territory activities and laboratories of support and alternative teaching for migrant minors, and recreational-recreational workshops of education to interculture, aimed at stimulating empathic behaviors between groups and individuals of different origins.

The migrants crisis puts Italy and Europe in front of a challenge whose dimensions are comparable to the challenge posed by the ecological crisis of the last quarter of the last century, a crisis that was overcome thanks to a huge research effort, which led to an industrial reconversion and a change in the mentality of citizens.

The discussion on migrants involves stolid and ferocious prejudices, which must be fought and debunked at three hundred and sixty degrees. Migration requires a similar multidisciplinary approach, involving human sciences, social sciences, religious sciences and cultural heritage with medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, environmental sciences, transport, agri-food and data science; and this is the approach chosen by Technovation researchers, who have already had important results in Italy and in Europe.

In recent years, democracy has had to face attacks by fanatics motivated on a religious basis, or that claim to be such, and has had to deal with economic models that consider it an alleged obstacle on the road to a world economy dominated by internet giants, where all are producers and consumers of goods and services traded globally.

Migration requires careful consideration of its ethical and political implications, especially in matters related to personal identity, gender, cultural and religious diversity.

Focus on techniques for the analysis, evaluation and management of internal dynamics within a group of individuals. The aim is to guarantee a certain degree of trust and collaboration among the employees of a company that can promote communication and work. The goal of Technovation is to promote team building not only as training tools but also as incentives.

Technovation recognizes the right to be a protagonist of the local host community and its centrality in tourism development. Furthermore, the tourism industry must increasingly be socially responsible for the territory. In this regard, Technovation operates to always favour a positive interaction between economic operators, local communities and tourists.

It is an evaluation of the feasibility of the plans and methods used by the client company. This analysis is useful for determining and predicting potential positive or negative results of a given investment that may require the use of a considerable amount of time and money. The feasibility study done by Technovation meets the highest requirements of investors, operators, banks and financial organizations. The study is divided into four main phases: market analysis, geographic area analysis, development of an action plan and calculation of profitability.

The concept development is an analysis that defines the future positioning of the company on the market. The study is based on the analysis of the characteristics that will determine the hotel structure in the future (for example, the number of rooms and the amount of accessory services offered).
Furthermore, Technovation offers a strategic repositioning service, which is an analysis aimed at redefining the company’s market position. In the tourism and agri-food sector, Technovation offers detailed plans to successfully implement the proposed strategy.

Identification of Blockchain solutions to be used as a strategic lever of development both by public companies and private companies.
In fact, this type of technology can be used by institutions, large companies that have to manage supply chains with a series of actors, companies that have to manage suppliers and subcontractors, banks, service companies, retail operators.

Our company deals with the implementation and development of apps and web applications.
He has a solid international experience being involved, as a technological partner, in several projects of European level. The aim is to create web or mobile solutions with the aim of reducing inequalities and promoting and achieving social inclusion, especially for the most vulnerable and those most at risk such as migrants.

Analysis of the context to verify how traditional media, social media and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) can promote empowerment and participation in democratic and development processes, providing solutions to be implemented. Considering the wide and rapid diffusion of the internet in many developing countries, the use of the media in the developing countries is analyzed and how new technologies can represent both a support – but also a brake – to local development processes. Due to the improper and oppressive use of ICT by a government, local or global strong powers that act on the local, is a brake on local development.

It is the evaluation and optimization of the management as well as the financial results of the client companies. Our experts will work closely with the management of each client company with the aim of achieving the necessary improvements and making the necessary changes to gain a competitive advantage.

Technovation helps companies start their business with a suitable staff. This guarantees the best possible start of the business. Pre-opening activities include: staff recruitment and training, marketing and setting up of the necessary systems.

Analysis and research of commercial strategies aimed at maximizing the wellbeing of the environment and the community. This business model brings extraordinary results for both non-profit and for-profit companies. In fact, performing socially useful actions can easily translate into an excellent investment that can bring an economic return in the long run.

Study aimed at creating a “mobile strategy”. Nowadays, the task of IT managers is also aimed at guaranteeing access to company information systems to “mobile” workers, that is those who work outside the company boundaries. It is necessary that every company has an appropriate IT structure able to guarantee security in the management of information and distribution of system data, but also to guarantee an efficient mobile-fixed convergence.

Research and planning of an organizational model aimed at redefining business boundaries. The proposed models are increasingly decentralized, based on open architectures and supported by advanced technologies inspired by social networks that propose methodologies of relationship to all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Study of the main organizational actors and the main resources available to them through the provision of data analysis services and management support. IT is a tool that companies use to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Study of structures that can allow client companies to progress in their technological skills by resorting to external ideas, as well as those coming from their employees, and access with paths both internal and external to the markets. The use of external resources speeds up the innovative process, allowing a reduction of the process that takes place from the conception of a product to its actual commercialization. For the transition from a traditional model to that of open innovation, the increase in the number of external resources to which companies can draw and the subjects aimed at cooperation and collaboration is of fundamental importance.

Identification of business critical issues through the study of the primary process and support processes, the identification of points that are susceptible to improvement and criticality. Analysis of solutions and redesign of processes through the use of targeted tools. These organizational interventions can be stimulated by benchmarking results, by redefining business objectives, by a customer satisfaction analysis or by the opportunity to improve the efficiency of a business process.

Transforming online data into useful information to understand which products to sell, customer tastes and business areas that will grow the most. At the moment, however, she has noticed less than one large Italian company out of three. The data scientist, the “data scientist” who analyzes the flows of the Web, is the leading professional in the analytics market that allows to “create knowledge” and access the most suitable sources to improve the administration of the territory and the performance of public and private companies.
Understanding the state of development and the main evolutionary trends in machine learning to understand how machine learning can contribute to the competitive ability of companies thanks to the inclusion of machine learning tools in the portfolio of IC applications. Identification of the main applications of machine learning such as marketing, loyalty, cross-selling, fraud detection, anomaly detection, adtech, social analytics, reputation analysis, healthcare in the management of companies and public administration.
Prediction of trends and trends to improve corporate performance through. This is one of the main advantages of using big data that can provide insight into purchasing behavior through the identification of trends and patterns. Big data analytics procedures, optimized in real time, can also be used to customize their marketing activities, for example by improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.